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Creating ethical and quality high value development Opportunities in the  energy transition  and luxurious property classes.

We are committed to working with innovative technologies, with the aim of growing the hydrogen economy to decarbonise the environment and attaining net zero emissions target.

Our Partners feed stocks include ocean water, plastic and organic wastes. We propose working with UK and International Partners to deliver renewable energy and property solutions worldwide.

In building the 21st century energy grid, collaboration is important to deliver cutting edge solutions.

The energy transition arena is at its nascent stage. We have pioneer technologies coming on that delivers renewable solution. The transition exhibits   inefficiency, lacks capacity, LCOE, LCOH and economies of scale.

Investors are very cautious with new innovations that may deliver industrial scale renewable electricity for splitting water to produce green hydrogen and its derivative fuels.

The good news is that there are innovations but unfunded,capable, of dispensing with existing equipment to produce green electricy.  

Further, the conflicts of water, land usage are yet properly addressed to attain fossil fuels stock levels. Bospec has all these issues in view, and with intense research believed that our collaborative and integration approaches will lead the way in this nascent energy transition pathway.

It’s pertinent to mention that, the Oil & Gas majors has a huge part to play also in the energy transition. An interactive approach should be in motion between Oil & Gas and innovative companies. The search for collaboration should be dynamic and continuous to work,  not only with known pioneer wind turbine, solar, electrolyser companies but new cutting Edge Patent holders as well. Oil &Gas and investors should have appetite for Patent Holders who are in need of funding to achieve development Eureka! 

Founders are ready at the early stage to work with Oil & Gas as partners in progress and not to be viewed as disruptors in all instances. The door is open for integration. Bospec has been working hard to make integration of cutting-edge players collaborate to deliver large scale green hydrogen stocks. Production, Storage, Transmission, Distribution and the whole energy value chain. If the right large scale technology to achieve LCOE and LCOH is not allowed to go past patent level, the alternatives will be inefficiency, capacity issues and “green washing”. A peril for net zero emissions attainment, translating to unprecedented environmental catastrophes.