We operate to integrate companies with cutting-edge technologies to solutions The world is transitioning to renewable energy sources and it’s not without challenges. Bospec, is working hard to create the awareness for renewable energy uptake. Green hydrogen comes out tops. We believe in liaising with oil and gas majors , hard to decarbonise industries and investors to consider the correct technologies . The Oil&Gas for example can’t be blamed for “greenwashing “ The correct technologies to create the trajectory for  the energy transition revolution  are yet funded. Alas!  “There are copy cats “ sprawling the energy transition while the real innovator awaits funding to deliver the real solution. Despite the hard work of the pioneer electrolysers companies , the inefficiencies in renewable energies remained unresolved.The innovation of the end solution is “Dispensing with” the equipment such as wind turbines, solar, electrolysers as we have it now .The dispensing solution will not disrupt the equipment but add to the stocks of green hydrogen to decarbonise the environment.