Our Services


 At Bospec Projects International limited to achieve our integration solution delivery  objectives.

We work with partners in the renewable energy and property asset class to deliver cutting-edge solutions. Our partners are accomplished in their respective fields.  We shall be attracting both international and local skills to carry-out projects execution.

We also broker Individual, institutional and Joint Venture project towards our clients and partners development goals.

We can state here that we operate principally from the renewable energy generation segment, collaborating with transmission, distribution and energy storage providers.

We develop property holdings for partners with the aim to achieve  returns on investment (ROI). 

 Renewable Power Generation;

 In all the segments, working with financial experts to create digital groups with self-defined tokenized interests managed by block chain smart contracts, Acessing bank loans.

Off Takers

Buy Out and Strategic Partners Arrangements

 We use our networks and local knowledge to identify opportunities in the uk &  across the world and , to help Government, Corporations and environmentally conscious group meet their energy goals. our services include:

We aim to generate renewable energy by harnessing the sun to facilitate green production of goods and services

Implementation of carbon foot print using blockchain technology for carbon credits offset.

To achieve this we shall have the working systems of:

Renewable Energy generation, working with fossil fuel legacy Utilities and Oil &Gas

Block chain and smart contract integration


Smart grid and energy services (Micro grid, smart metering, energy IOT, energy management technologies)

Energy Storage Solutions

Supporting various Governments to evolve clean transportation by introducing electric vehicles, hydrogen production and vehicles, EV Charging infrastructure and software platforms.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IOT)

We believe property development and energy are twin opportunities, we then proposes high value group purchasing and managing residential and commercial estates

Events and stakeholder workshops in the UK and Africa

Why Work With Us?

  • We have in-depth local knowledge in UK and Africa
  • We work with multi-disciplinary experts across sectors
  • We are development experts
  • We have over 30 years of experience in business, development, renewable energy and law
  • We are able to match our expertise and experience to meet the desires of our clients
  • We integrate cutting-edge technologies in to bring about   the renewable energy infrastructure and property construction solutions.

The fact that Renewable energy adoption is growing and the issue of Climate Change to address mitigation of Green House Gases (GHG) in the environment is important.  To reduce and track carbon dioxide responsible for 76 % of GHG. Carbon emissions currently hitting 35 billion sqmt and that figure is only increasing,projected to hit 40 billion MT around 2030.

Renewable energy and property development are linked, coupled with the promising growth forecast for renewable energy adoption.

It is time for every hand to be on deck to take bold steps and to maintain the ozone layers for the future generation. 

We have a vehicle to enable this: Corporate and Charitable models.