Bospec been a startup employs creative strategy to create trajectory in the energy nascent energy transition economy pathway.Bospec integration strategy and the large scale green hydrogen production innovation is analogous Thomas Edisson  invention of the electric light bulb Edison figured that to bring on the dawning of the electrical age he needed a network of innovations like a powered electricity generator,a grid distribution system to get electricity to people’s home and a meter to measure how much electricity was being used. Cutting edge engineering simulation is now available to manage risk by eliminating the need for physical prototyping ,engineers can evaluate new concept  and predict behaviours in real time, design recommended solutions faster and reduce project risk.

The operations of the whole system can be simulated by generating ultra-realistic digital models much more effectively.  

A constant interactions between test and simulation while facilitating multi-physics modelling using operational data can be achieved.

Bospec delved into the issues surrounding the energy transition. It threw up a nascent revolution. Obviously, it Will welcome the pioneers and their solutions. The situation according research reported inefficiencies in renewable energy. The dire situation is that the transition requires competing innovative solutions. Bospec is now creating awareness of available technologies for integration. It can produce levelised large scale green hydrogen , electricity and economie of scale harnessing ocean waters.