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Bospec will operate to create the enabling atmosphere for grid scale renewable energy generation. Working with various..

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A dynamic and ethical organisation that believes in  integration to achieve significant returns on investment(ROI)  for our investors, while contributing to their quotas in curbing Green House Gases(GHG). Building  the  21st  Century Renewable Energy Infrastructures and property assets classes are the way forward.

Bospec is a startup that introduces creative strategies in integrating technologies in industries.We are  a company that collaborates and forms joint ventures with relevant partners to deliver solutions to create economic, social and environmental solutions to fight climate. A solution company led by Olatunbosun Bello, a Lawyer of Supreme Court of Nigeria, entrepreneur, advertising consultant, green hydrogen and renewable energy, management & consultant. Olatunbosun specialises in facilitating complex business partnerships to develop new markets, in the renewable energy mixes, he created bio-methane gas from waste-water sludge (any organic waste can be used) at the Ministry of Environment in Nigeria in 2010, used to power biogas generator for electricity and for cooking.

In 2019, an agreement was signed with Franhoufer ISE Germany, to promote the uptake and installation of Agro photovoltaic (APV) Solar Plant in Africa.(Starting from  UK.) Still not satisfied with the inefficiencies in solar power generation, Bospec pivoted and recognised the need for innovation in the nascent green hydrogen economy. The conflict in technologies can be addressed by creating a trajectory for innovative Patents moving past R&D to large scale green hydrogen production level.

We are a dynamic and ethical organisation seeking to harness the sun to harvest industrial scale energy in Africa to create economic, social and environmental solutions to fight climate change.

The Energy Debt and Climate Change Issues

The goal is to keep the increase in global average temperature to below 1.5 degrees centigrade over the next decade. This will substantially reduce the risks and impacts of climate change as noted at the Paris Climate Change Agreement ratified by 55 countries in 2016. This is a task that must be done.

According to research, the demand for energy is increasing in Africa, specifically solar. Predictions show that nearly 30% of electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa will come from solar by 2030, accounting for about 30GW. Current cumulative installations are at 5 GW, which presents new opportunities to grow the industries. 

The Solar Energy is predicted to grow rapidly. It is estimated at over $65Billion in 2015 and it is to exceed $140Billion by 2023.

The population in Africa is well over a billion people. The approximate energy capability is 28 GW, but only about 1.7 GW is generated. The micro grids are introduced to solve Africa’s energy deficits.

Bospec will operate on this strength to create the enabling atmosphere for grid scale renewable generation. Working with various Governments, Utilities, Oil&Gas, technology companies and stakeholders to deliver net zero decarbornizing the environment. We integrate innovative technologies:

  • APV, CSP, and Tidal Wave Energy companies in terms of energy generation.
  • Innovative Green Hydrogen Production, Storage, Distribution Partners (Our horizon is highly focused on green hydrogen solution partnership, due to innovation partnership due to availble competitive innovation with available solutions). Innovation dispensing with costly technologies.
  • Innovative Long Storage Energy solution companies offering different technologies: Lithium Ion, Flow Batteries and Gravity storage technology companies.

Utilities spend huge budgets for energy transmission and distribution (Tand D), maintenance and upgrading of grid infrastructure networks. Technology has evolved to undercut expenses using non-wire alternatives, micro grids including energy storage. This will modernise electricity  grid lines   as experienced in the mobile telecommunication techology, especially countries with old transmission grid line